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Ribbon Logo

This tutorial will teach you the basics of making a professional ribbon logo for your website or company. Certain techniques improve your text and shape interaction. 1.) Open up a New Document. I have made mine 500 x 500PX, nice size of canvas again, and whip out the Text tool. Next, choose a tech font of any kind and set it to a fairly decent size like 60PX


2.) After you have done this, select the Background layer and proceed to your palette on the left, and choose your Shape tool. You can use any shape, but I have chosen one of the custom ones. Try to differ the colour slightly and work with the contrast, light with dark and so. Draw the shape on the Background Layer and it should create its own Shape Layer. Make sure the Shape Layer is behind the text.

3.) Then right-click on the Shape Layer in the palette and select Ratersize Layer. This makes the shape more editable, for after effects e.t.c.

4.) Stay in your Layers Palette and CTRL + Mouse Click on your text layer. This makes a selection of the text exact.

5.) After we have done that, head to the top and Select > Modify > Expand. Input a fair amount in; always depends on the shape size to be honest. I have chosen 4. You should always make sure you have a bold outline around the text layer to proceed onto the next step.

6.) Once the selection has expanded, select your Shape Layer and press Delete [DEL]. This discards the extra selection from the text layer on the shape layer.

7.) Now you have your basic logo. Now add your own effects to the ribbon logo, try a lighter grey for the text and maybe a gloss effect for the overall logo.