Learn Photoshop with Tut5's Adobe Photoshop Tutorials- 3 Color Popart Effect


3 Color Popart Photo Effect

Start with a photo of a person of your choice.

Duplicate the photo's layer. Avtivate the top layer.

Go to Image --> Adjustments --> Threshold and use the slider to get a contrast like shown below.

Click Select --> Color Range..

Select the black color and then click Edit --> Fill. Pick a nice color (I used a light green)

It should look something like this now:

Looks kinda popart already..

Now take the original unaltered photo layer and drag it to the top of the layer palette.

Set the Layer to Multiply.

Go to Image --> Adjustments --> Threshold again and use the slider until you get something like this:

Almost done. You may want to use Filter --> Artistic --> Cutout or Filter --> Artistic --> Paint Daubs to get smoother edges.


Paint Daubs:

There's your 3 Color Popart Effect.