Learn Photoshop with Tut5's Adobe Photoshop Tutorials- Metal Sign


Metal Sign

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create metal textured design, which can be used in any graphic design project including the content box design for the web pages. Final output of the tutorial can be seen below:

Create a new file and fill the background with black color. Create this shape with pen tool. Note that I have zoomed the screen to 200% for better control over the nodes.


Now, adjust the nodes as shown.

Now, apply a gradient overlay as shown.

Now, control+click on the layer name to select it. Either go to edit>copy merged or press shift+control+c together to copy the selected portion. Paste it to create a new layer. In this new layer, apply Texturizer filter (Filter>Texture>Texturizer) as shown:

Image after applying texturizer filter:

With the help of the ellipse tool, draw a small circle:

Apply Bevel and Emboss as shown:

Effect of Bevel & Emboss on the circle:

Duplicate and place this circle as shown. Press control+t and than enlarge the size of the middle circle:

Draw these shapes present in the Autoshapes:

Group and merge all the layers. Duplicate and place this layer as shown:

Draw a rectangle with rectangle tool. Fill it with similar gradient and apply similar texturizer effect on it as we applied previously.

Our last step is to add text of your choice in it. Our design is ready :)