Learn Photoshop with Tut5's Adobe Photoshop Tutorials- Flying Mail Icon


Flying Mail Icon

In this tutorial, we will learn howto create a flying mail icon in Photoshop. You will also learn how to customize the autoshapes and use them according to need. Final output can be seen below:

Start by creating a rectangle with the rectangle tool. Transform it to into this shape

Apply a gradient overlay and stroke as shown:

Image after applying above layer styles:

Draw two 2 pixel #AC760E colored lines with line tool as shown:-

Draw this triangular shape with the pen tool and apply a similar gradient overlay and a 3 pixel stroke on it:

Our mail icon is completed. Now we will use autoshape and customize it to have wings in the mail envelope. Select this autoshape

and draw the shape as shown:

Apply a similar layer style on it as we applied for the envelope.

Now, select pen tool, press "-" from the numeric keypad and draw a path around the portion which we do not want to appear:

Adjust the wings slightly upper or lower according to need. The flying mail icon finished: