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Desktop PC Icon

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a nice looking Monitor and Computer icon. Final output can be seen below:

Some different sizes:


Start by creating this shape with the Rounded Rectangle tool.

Press control+t and adjust the nodes to have this shape.

Apply these layer styles on it:

Image after applying above layer styles:

Control+click on its layer name in palette to select it. Now, move the selection above 4 pixels to the right. 

Press shift+control+i to invert the selection and than press ctrl+alt+shift together and click on its layer name to select the part as shwon.

Create a new layer for this selection. Set the foreground color to #CFCECE and background to #757575. Select foreground to background linear gradient to fill the selection. Press control+d to de select.

Draw this rectangular shape with the rectangle tool. Press 'D' to change the foreground and background colors back to the original black and white. Fill the shape with foreground to background linear gradient.

Similarly, draw another rectangle with the help of the rectangle tool. This time, fill the shape with the foreground to background Radial gradient, selecting #A0D4F9 as foreground and #1877D4 as background. 

Draw this shape below the monitor screen with the pen tool.

Apply these layer styles on it:

Image after applying above layer styles:

Draw an ellipse with the help of ellipse tool.

Apply these layer styles:

Image after applying above layer styles:

Now, we will draw a cabinet near the monitor. For that, draw these three different shapes either with pen tool or by drawing a rectangle and than transforming them. 

Apply similar layer styles in all the three layers as shown:

Arrange these shapes to form a cabinet.

Draw a 2 pixel black color line with line tool as shown.

Select this autoshape from the list of autoshapes.

Draw the outline for that shape as shown.

Apply gradient overlay as shown:

Image after applying gradient overlay.

Draw an ellipse with ellipse tool. Fill the shape with selecting light gray as foreground and dark gray as background. Use linear gradient to fill the shape.

Draw another circle with ellipse tool. Fill the ellipse by selecting white as foreground and red as background. Choose Foreground to Background radial gradient to fill the shape.

Draw these shapes with rectangle and line tool. First I draw a black colored rectangle and added 2 pixel gray color line in it. Than I grouped these layers and merge them. After that I copied and pasted the layers.

Our new icon is finished :)