Learn Photoshop with Tut5's Adobe Photoshop Tutorials- Chocolate Text


Chocolate Text

In this tutorial, we will learn to how create a nice looking melting chocolate text effect. Final output can be seen below:

Create a new file. Fill the background with #A66F5A and type "Chocolate" with these settings:

Font name = Iglesia, Font color = #EFEDEE, size = 88 points bold.

Rasterize the type layer and apply Texturizer filter (Filter>Texture>Texturizer) as shown:

Image after applying Texturizer effect:

Now, apply inner shadow to the layer as shown:

Image after applying inner shadow:

Control+click on its layer name to select it. Go to Select>Modify>Expand and expand it 4 pixels.

Create a new layer by pressing shift+control+n together and fill the selection with #EFEDEE color.

Now, send this layer back and apply bevel and emboss as shown:

Image after applying bevel and emboss effect:

Our final step is to select smudge tool set the opacity around 70-80% and dragging it over the chocolate's background layer to get the melting chocolate effect. Our yummy chocolate text is finished: