Learn Photoshop with Tut5's Adobe Photoshop Tutorials- Abstract Purple Background


Abstract Purple Background

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple abstract background using filters instead of common brushes. This is a good tutorial to learn because it also advances on your gradient skill and graphic possibilty.

1.) Open up a New Document. I have made mine 500 x 500PX, which is a nice size of canvas for what we are doing. Next select your Gradient tool by right-clicking on the Paint Bucket in the Pallette usually on your left :

2.) Next, set your settings at the top to the settings that can be seen below. You want to set the mode to Difference because of the interaction between the gradients. After you have done that, create a new layer then start going beserk with the mouse on the canvas, making gradient over gradient :


3.) After you have done that, move onto your Layers Palette, right-click on your gradient layer and Duplicate it. Once you have done that, go to Filter > Distort > Wave :

4.) Make sure the levels are set to how you want them, example below :

5.) After that is done, press OK and head back to your layers palette. Set the Layer Mode to Color Dodge and lower the opacity. We lower the opacity here because the contrast between the new distorted gradient layer and the first layer interact and , "Dodge" each other, by colour :

6.) Now your background is complete. You can now crop it for whatever graphic you desire; I had made a signature below using the above background.