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Chocolate Text
In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a nice looking melting chocolate text effect.

Desktop PC
Create an image of a PC with Screen.

High Contrast Photo
How to convert a normal photo into a high contrast photo

Injection Logo
Make a Logo with an injection in it

Metal Sign
Learn how to make a decorative metal sign with custom text

Flying Mail Icon
This is how to create a nice flying mail icon

Happy Pencil
How to create a happy Cartoon Pencil image.

Abstract Purple Background
Make an Abstract Purple Texture that you can use as a background

Ribbon Logo
This tutorial will teach you how to create a Ribbon Logo

eBook Cover
Design an eBook Box with Cover

Red Orb
How to make a Red Orb with concentric Grooves

3 Color Popart Effect
A 3 Color Popart Effect for your Photo

Reflected Fire Text
Make a burning text with a reflection effect

Blood Text
Learn how to create a blood dripping text effect